The City of Cambridge releases a Community Health Improvement Plan every five years, which is a roadmap for the health department and its partners to strengthen the health of the city in the specific areas that need the greatest support. These areas are determined by a Community Health Assessment. This plan is a requirement for national accreditation.

most recent Community Health Improvement Plan, finalized in 2021, focuses on:

  • Community and Social Resilience
    Goal: Foster a resilient and equitable community for all that can prepare, respond, recover, and thrive.
  • Healthy Eating and Active Living
    Goal: Ensure Cambridge is a city where all people are able to access and enjoy safe, healthy, and affordable food and physically active lives that celebrate our diverse cultures and needs.
  • Mental Health
    Goal: Ensure that all Cambridge residents have equitable access to knowledge, education, and services to protect, support, and advance mental wellness.

Health equity, particularly the effect of racism, is a cross-cutting theme that is addressed within each priority area.

All past Community Health Improvement Plans can be found on the Resources page.


Updated: April 14, 2022