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Dental decay remains the most common chronic disease among children. Children experience unnecessary discomfort from tooth decay, which limits their eating, talking, and learning. Poor oral health will affect a child’s overall health. The good news about tooth decay is that it is preventable with good oral hygiene, proper diet, and regular sixth month visits to the dentist for cleanings, fluoride, and sealants.

The Cambridge Healthy Smiles program provides free dental screenings and in-class oral health education for all preschool, 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 9th grade students in Cambridge Public Schools (CPS). Cambridge Healthy Smiles has been enormously successful in identifying Cambridge children at risk for dental disease and referral for treatment to local dental offices in Cambridge. The program’s goal is to reach all students through a curriculum that adapts to age level and reflects student diversity. Increased oral health awareness will lead to improved overall health for the students and their families.

The school nurses and school family liaisons play an essential role in working with the dental hygienist. The oral health curriculum was developed in collaboration with CPS Health Education & Social Emotional Learning.

See Resources on the side for oral health topics taught to students as well as children’s dental tips designed for parents. 

Resources for Parents

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Updated: May 6, 2024