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Improving mental health and behavioral health are priorities for the Cambridge Public Health Department. We know that they are every bit as important as physical health in the overall health of individuals and communities.

Mental health and behavioral health issues impact many Cambridge residents. They are identified as priorities in the most recent Cambridge Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). We believe that by leading collaborative changes in policy, systems and environments that respond to the community’s needs, we can help improve the health of residents. CPHD has a strong commitment to community involvement in order to achieve health equity in Cambridge, and mental and behavioral health are important components.

CPHD works across our own programs and with community partners to promote mental and behavioral health. This includes substance use prevention. The division’s goals are to increase awareness, reduce stigma, and provide resources surrounding mental health and wellness to the Cambridge community. Below are some of the initiatives and activities of the Mental and Behavioral Health Promotion Unit:

Mental and Behavioral Health Publications and Resources

Publications, reports, results, and other resources can be found on the Resources webpage under the Health Data and Mental & Behavioral Health headings.

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Updated: April 19, 2024