Cambridge Community Corps

What We Do

The Cambridge Community Corps (C3) is a diverse, grassroots network of paid ambassadors coordinated by the Cambridge Public Health Department. The mission of C3 is to foster a resilient and equitable community so that everyone in Cambridge can prepare, respond, recover, and thrive under extreme situations

Our program uses a data-driven approach to guide its outreach as a way to ensure the work is effective for those most in need. C3 provides opportunities to its members to advance their public health interest and knowledge while they connect with and educate the public. 

The Corps team consists of people from all walks of lifefrom 17 years old to individuals in their mid-50s. We have hired immigrants, people pursuing college and graduate degrees, and those who have experienced incarceration, among others. The beauty of this program is its flexibility to accommodate diverse people and schedules.

Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Nancy Porter at [email protected]. As a Corps member, you will use educational tools to inform and answer questions on public health messaging topics including, but not limited to, staying safe during the pandemic, vaccines, safety during periods of extreme heat, mosquito-borne diseases and emergency preparedness. We visit parks throughout the city, conduct door-to-door outreach, staff tables at community events, support vaccine and testing clinics, and more. Help us cultivate a resilient and equitable community by promoting preparedness and wellness in Cambridge!

Updated: May 10, 2022