Eating Healthy in Cambridge

Cambridge Food Resource Guide

Information about food pantries, free community meals, food resources for older adults, and more.

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SNAP, WIC & More 

For Everyone
Cambridge has many stores that accept SNAP and/or WIC benefits. See the full list of corner stores and grocery stores where you can use these food programs!

SNAP Match & More at Farmers Markets
Buy more food for less money when using SNAP Match, HIP, Senior coupons and WIC coupons at participating farmers markets

Learn how and where you can use these programs.

Need help signing up for SNAP or WIC? Want more information on ways to find low-cost or free food? Call:

For Farmers Market Managers
Accepting SNAP at your market is a great way to support farmers, increase sales, and help people afford food more easily. SNAP Matching funds may be available to some markets, and shoppers could also use WIC and Senior Coupons. Learn more about managing shopper benefits.

Cooking and Nutrition Resources

Cambridge In Motion Resources

Other Resources:

Some of our favorite places to find healthy and delicious recipes:

Some of our favorite nutrition resources:

Updated: January 30, 2023