The annual program review and inspection process will occur throughout the fiscal year. This process consists of the physical facility inspection, conversations with key Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee members, and review of pertinent documents and materials. The Commissioner will conduct this process for each facility at least once annually. Additional physical visits may be required depending on the results of the initial program review.

Permit Process 

Applications can now be completed online. The permit will be issued after the entire program review process is complete for that facility and any deficiencies are satisfactorily corrected, if applicable. Permits will be issued on a rolling basis and are valid until the conclusion of the facility’s program review the following year.

After the application has been submitted, any changes in information should be communicated directly to the Commissioner of Laboratory Animals via email.


Online renewals (beginning in 2023) must be initiated through the original permit account.

Renewal campaigns for permitting will occur in July of each year. At this time each facility is expected to submit a new application. Permits will be issued throughout the year as program review activities are conducted. A permit from a previous year is valid until the conclusion of the next year’s annual program review.


Updated: August 24, 2022