January 20, 2023

Public Health Helpline Supports Residents with COVID-19

If you have COVID-19, early treatment is best, so act quickly if you feel sick. You may also have questions or want support. Public health staff are available to: 

  • Answer questions about COVID-19 and isolation.
  • Connect you to isolation resources, such as food and other basic necessities.
  • Help you access treatment.
  • Help connect you to a primary care provider if you do not have one.
  • Provide support to help keep other household members safe (masks and more tests).
  • Help you sign up for a vaccine once you are feeling better.

To speak with someone, call the confidential COVID-19 Hotline for the public health departments of Cambridge, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop at 617-933-0797. The hotline is managed by the Cambridge Public Health Department. This is a free service. 

If you have medical questions, call your doctor’s office. You can also use the state’s free telehealth service (833-273-6330) to find out if COVID-19 treatment pills, such as Paxlovid, are right for you. This service is available in multiple languages.