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Chief Public Health Officer

Claude-Alix Jacob, MPH


The Chief Public Health Officer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the city’s public health department, including public health planning, service delivery, and regulatory activities.


Public Health Nursing

Susan Breen, MS, RN, Associate Chief, Clinical Services


The Division of Public Health Nursing focuses on communicable disease prevention and control, including response to new health threats such as pandemic flu, SARS, and bioterrorism. Services include a tuberculosis program, annual flu clinics, disease investigation and follow up, and health education for residents, workers, and businesses.

School Health

Tracy Rose-Tynes, MS, BSN, RN, Manager of the School Health Program


The School Health Program is dedicated to helping Cambridge public school students (grades K–12) stay healthy and in school so they can reach their academic potential. Services include school nursing, school nutrition, hearing and vision screening, and consultation to the city’s nonpublic schools.

Population Health Initiatives

Josefine Wendel, MS, RD, CD/N, Associate Chief, Population Health Initiatives


The Division of Population Health Initiatives promotes and encourages healthy behaviors, develops public health policy, and identifies opportunities for early intervention and disease prevention. Programs areas include early childhood literacy, healthy eating and active living, injury and violence prevention, men's health, and substance abuse prevention.

Environmental Health

Sam Lipson, MS, REHS, Director of Environmental Health


The Division of Environmental Health aims to protect residents, workers, and students from environmental threats that can lead to poor health. Program areas include childhood asthma, lead poisoning, indoor air quality, mosquito-borne diseases, and hazardous materials and waste. The division also enforces certain local and state public health regulations.

Emergency Preparedness

Nancy Rihan-Porter, Manager, Community Resilience and Preparedness


The Cambridge Public Health Department and other first responders lead the city’s public health disaster preparedness efforts. The Emergency Preparedness division is focused on health emergencies that could potentially harm many people, such as pandemic flu.

Epidemiology and Data Services

Hila Bernstein, MPH, Epidemiologist


The department’s Division of Epidemiology and Data Services monitors the health of the city of Cambridge by tracking disease and identifying emerging health issues. The division provides epidemiological, data management, and analysis support to all Cambridge Public Health Department divisions, as well as outside groups. 



Cambridge Public Health Department
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Cambridge, MA 02139
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Chief Public Health Officer



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