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Concussion Regulation


The Cambridge Public Health Department passed a local health law designed to protect children (under age 18) from head injury or concussion, in organized sports and other athletic activities. The Cambridge concussion regulation is intended to protect a greater number of young athletes than are currently covered under the Massachusetts head injury law. The Cambridge concussion law applies to all youth athletic programs that apply for permits to use city-owned facilities,such as football or soccer fields.
Youth athletic programs covered by the law include, but are not limited to:
  • Baseball leagues
  • Football leagues
  • Lacrosse leagues
  • Soccer leagues
  • Softball leagues

Click to view the full Cambridge Concussion Regulation


For Parents
For Coaches

For more information and fact sheets, visit the CDC website.


Created on March 8, 2022


For more information about the concussion regulation, contact:

Mackenzie Shubert, BSN, RN
Nurse Manager
School Health Services
Cambridge Public Health Department

Adam Corbeil
Recreation and Aquatics Director
Department of Human Service Programs
City of Cambridge


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