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Training Materials

Biosafety training videos from the 2002 Cambridge Biosafety Forum are available on DVD for $250. The set includes eight disks and covers 16 hours of instruction and discussion by the leading biosafety specialists in the Boston area. Contact the Cambridge Public Health Department for more information at 617-665-3838.

About the Cambridge Biosafety Forum
In September 2002, the Cambridge Public Health Department sponsored the inaugural Cambridge Biosafety Forum at The Cambridge Hospital. More than 100 people attended from institutions, companies, and public health departments across eastern New England.

The Cambridge Public Health Departmentís Environmental Health Unit and the Cambridge Biosafety Committee organized the forum to educate biosafety professionals, academic staff, community members, and public health colleagues who serve as overseers to the biotech industry.

Panel topics included biosafety best practices, laboratory design, infection control, recombinant DNA, bioterrorism legislation, and the risks and benefits of biotechnology. Among the speakers were Dr. Andrew Braun (Harvard Medical School), Sheldon Krimsky (Tufts University and the Council for Responsible Genetics), Hazel Sive (Whitehead Institute), Claudia Mickelson (MIT), Sam Lipson (the Cambridge Public Health Department), and several biosafety professionals from Cambridge-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The biosafety forum coincided with the 25th anniversary of the City of Cambridge's Recombinant DNA Technology Ordinance, the first attempt in the world to regulate the manipulation of genetic material.


For more information about recombinant DNA permits, please contact:

Sam Lipson, REHS
Senior Director of Environmental Health
Cambridge Public Health Department


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