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Community Health Improvement Plan

The 2020 City of Cambridge Community Health Improvement Plan will set the city’s health agenda for the next five years.

View the 2020 City of Cambridge Community Health Improvement Plan:

Full Report (PDF)

About the Report

The 2015 City of Cambridge Community Health Improvement Plan addresses some of the most challenging public health issues facing Cambridge.

The plan describes actionable goals, objectives, and strategies for making tangible progress in four health priority areas for the city:

  • Mental health and substance abuse
  • Violence
  • Healthy, safe and affordable housing
  • Healthy eating and physical activity

Two additional topics—health access and health equity/social justice—are integrated across priority areas because they are the foundations of a healthy population.

The community health improvement plan (CHIP) is the culmination of a two-year effort led by the Cambridge Public Health Department to involve the community, organizations, and local government in identifying the city’s major health needs and developing feasible solutions.

Over 70 people from diverse sectors of the community participated in developing the components of the CHIP, and over 30 subject matter experts and reviewers helped refine the plan.

The Cambridge Public Health Department worked with Health Resources in Action of Boston, a nationally recognized health research organization, on the community health improvement plan.

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