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Community Health Assessment

Understanding the health of the city is the vital first step to providing needed health programs and services to create a community that is healthy, safe, and equitable for everyone. The Cambridge Public Health Department conducts a comprehensive Community Health Assessment approximately every five years to identify the health-related strengths and challenges facing the people of Cambridge.

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The most recent Community Health Assessment was completed in 2020 using the social determinants of health and a health equity lens as its foundation. Data were collected through a community survey, a series of focus groups, and a review of other data sources, such as mortality and hospitalization rates.

The overarching themes that emerged include:
  • Housing and economic vulnerability pose a substantial challenge for many Cambridge residents.
  • Chronic disease continues to be a leading physical health issue in Cambridge with other health conditions, such as mental health, more recently becoming notable concerns.
  • Safety and injury persist as major concerns, specifically bicycle and pedestrian safety as well as environmental health concerns.
  • Mental health is a significant concern among Cambridge residents.
  • Substance use disorder remains a leading concern among residents, though it is secondary to mental health.
  • Access to health care, particularly dental care, arose as a major concern despite broad health insurance coverage and the high density of health care services in Cambridge.
  • The need for a more equitable and inclusive Cambridge community was a consistent theme throughout the assessment
This information is currently being used to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan, which will be available spring 2021.

Updated on March 15, 2021




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