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Community Health Assessment

The Cambridge Public Health Department completed a comprehensive community health assessment in 2014 to better understand the city's biggest health and social concerns.

View the 2014 City of Cambridge Community Health Assessment:

About the Report

The 2014 City of Cambridge Community Health Assessment reflects the most current data available for Cambridge on overweight and obesity, substance abuse, chronic illness, access to health care, and many other health topics. The report also looks at social, economic, and environmental issues that impact health.

The community health assessment reflects the broad participation of people who live and work in Cambridge:

  • Over 1,600 people completed the 2013 Community Health Survey.
  • In interviews and small focus groups, over 90 people shared their priority health concerns, perceptions of community challenges and strengths, and envisioned opportunities for the future. Participants included city officials, community leaders, youth, seniors, people of color, immigrants, and housing authority residents, among others.

Key data and themes from the assessment informed the Community Health Improvement Plan.

The Cambridge Public Health Department worked with Health Resources in Action of Boston, a nationally recognized health research organization, on the community health assessment.

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