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Community Yard Sales To Benefit Katrina Sister City, July 15–July 16

June 27, 2006

To benefit a small Gulf Coast community ravaged by Hurricane Katrina last year, members of the city's Hurricane Katrina Committee are asking residents to hold individual yard sales throughout Cambridge on the weekend of July 15-16, 2006.

Funds raised from the yard sales will benefit Moss Point, Mississippi, the new sister city of Cambridge. Proceeds from the yard sales will be collected at a special thank you ceremony Monday, July 17, from 5-6 p.m., in the Mayor's Office at Cambridge City Hall. This coordinated yard sale effort, entitled "Cambridge Treasure Fest," is Cambridge's second fundraising campaign to benefit Moss Point.

In October 2005, another Cambridge-wide yard sale effort raised over $3000, which was used by Moss Point to purchase much needed supplies in the early phase of its recovery process. This year, with support from Cambridge residents, the Hurricane Katrina Committee would like to substantially increase its financial contributions, which will specifically be used to aid in the development of Moss Point's newly built Coastal Family Health Center.

There are two ways that residents can help lend support to the health and well-being of Moss Point by raising funds for the community's new health center:

  • Organize a yard sale! Ask your friends and family to clean out their attics and cellars, and join you in selling old books, music, furniture, baby clothes, souvenirs, and other unwanted items. Note: It is important to register your yard sale with the City on or before June 20. 
  • Visit a yard sale! What could be more fun than checking out other people's old stuff? The location of all registered yard sales will be posted on the city's website a couple of days prior to the event.




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