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Prostate Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life

September 7, 2007

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis among men in the United States. An estimated 219,000 American men will be told they have prostate cancer this year and 27,000 will die from the disease.
In Cambridge, about 60 male residents are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year and about nine men die from it.
While most cases of prostate cancer cannot be prevented, early detection and treatment provide the greatest chance of cure.
In observance of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this September, the Cambridge Public Health Department is urging all men age 50 and older, as well as younger men who are at high risk for the disease, to speak to their doctors about screening.
“Prostate cancer is one of the biggest health challenges facing men in Cambridge and this country,” said Claude-Alix Jacob, the city’s Chief Public Health Officer and director of the Cambridge Public Health Department. “I would encourage all men to learn more about this disease and engage in early detection and screenings as a recommended option.”

A man may be at increased risk for prostate cancer if he is African-American or if he has a close relative (father, brother, or son) who had prostate cancer before age 65. These men should begin testing at age 45.
Most primary care physicians offer prostate cancer exams. At Cambridge Health Alliance, to find a primary care physician, call the primary care referral line at 617-665-1305. In addition, Mount Auburn Hospital offers free prostate screenings through its men’s health center, which can be reached at 617-499-5722.
Earlier this year, the Mayor’s Office, Cambridge Health Alliance, Mount Auburn Hospital, and the Cambridge Public Health Department embarked on a citywide campaign to educate Cambridge men about prostate cancer and offer free screenings.  Outreach workers spoke to men at churches, barbershops, and the annual Hoops ‘N’ Health basketball tournament held this past June. 


Suzy Feinberg, MPH
Public Information Officer

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