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Whole Foods Market “5% Day” to benefit Cambridge Public Schools

September 11, 2006

Shoppers who visit Whole Foods Market in Cambridge on Sept. 20 will help put fresh fruits and vegetables on the menu in the city’s public school cafeterias.
Cambridge Whole Foods stores will use 5% of their day’s sales to purchase fresh produce for “Tasty Choices,” a new program of the Cambridge Public Schools aimed at improving school meals and educating students about healthy food choices. The program was created by CPS Food Service Director Jack Mingle and school nutritionists from the Cambridge Public Health Department.
Mingle and his colleagues are hopeful that “5% Day” will raise enough to pay for fresh berries at breakfast for several months or for baby spinach, grape tomatoes, and other fresh salad ingredients.
“Fresh fruits and vegetables taste better and are more appealing to children,” said Mingle. “Our experience has shown that children will eat more fresh produce than canned.”
The Whole Foods fundraiser will also help the Cambridge-based CitySprouts school garden program provide nutrition education to hundreds of elementary students.
Whole Foods Market has three locations in Cambridge:
  • 340 River Street
  • 115 Prospect Street
  • Fresh Pond Mall
For more information about the Tasty Choices program, visit the CPS School Food Services website.

Suzy Feinberg, MPH
Public Information Officer

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