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Cambridge Fitness Brothers

Fitness Brothers is a program of The Men’s Health League. It is a community-based fitness program for men, designed to promote healthy living through camaraderie.

Who can join Fitness Brothers?

Groups of up to four men who want to become more physically active may join the program.  Men of all ages and abilities with a connection to Cambridge through their home, work, or doctor are eligible. 

How does Fitness Brothers work?

Fitness Brothers is a free 10-week fitness program based at the Cambridge War Memorial Recreation Center (1640 Cambridge St.). Men choose their own sport or activity, and will learn about fitness training and men’s health issues. Participants are required to attend an orientation session and three interactive workshops on healthy living. Teams compete for a grand prize for the most active group. 

How can someone sign up for Fitness Brothers?

Call The Men’s Health League at 617-665-3830 to sign up for the next orientation session. Past participants are welcome to join a new session.

Program Cost?

Fitness Brothers is free. 


To join Fitness Brothers or for more info, call 617-665-3677 or email Albert Pless at apless@challiance.org.


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